Beaumont Heritage DVD

We are pleased to report that sales have surpassed production costs of our heritage DVD “Following in Their Footsteps” despite the challenge of the COVID-19 pandemic. Our DVD continues to be available for purchase at the City of Beaumont Library and sometime this year (2023) at the St. Jacques Heritage House. 

A limited number are in the DVD format. The more popular MP4 version is also available, on USB cards.

Both sell for $25 cash, GST where applicable. 

With over 500 images and countless voices from the past, we present the story of the early people of Beaumont. Below are several links to our Beaumont 125th Anniversary song, written and performed by local artist Keith Wourms. It’s time to celebrate!

Beaumont 125


Download the song

Download the Lyrics

CBC Coverage – July 31, 2020